Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where Do I Find Love?

Love can only love.
She will not hold onto
or cling on
when love’s not reciprocal.

She will glide off
places that are not
her like.
She will attract
her kind,
and reduce her glow
when shunned.
Pride and anger
will be eaten up
or left alone
as they attempt
to outshine her.

She waits
until she’s stoked
and gently kindled
in your soul.
Then she comes out
in graceful beauty;
her full glory
shining upon your spirit,
gentle upon your heart.

Only then will you
find her,
in her purest form;
first in yourself
then in another.
Love does not
take any other form.
Love can only be love.

PoP (c)1 Mar 07


Anonymous said...

Wow! this one's the best.

symo said...


Oh Love

Dear ole Love
I love to hate
Thinking of you
Season and again
I have sat on my backside
And thought, I got you now
I have figured HER out this time
I know who love is
Only for me to stumble and fall
And I cried

And I had to think about HER
And discover her in me
Then I was content again
Until I searched again
And stumbled again.
and All i thought
this love thing
Why is one never content
With self love
You go out and look
For another to cherish you
And you feel incomplete
Until another pledges to Love you
Then I remembered
Day and Night are a complement
Love and Hurt and a complement too