Sunday, March 18, 2007

What to Do Then....Legends In The Wind

And to us who The One above gives
strength and foresight,
Let us not be complacent,
Let us fight
Leave our comfort zones
our warm beds, our soft cushions
Let us get off our butts
If not for us, then for the weak ones
For they are us
Whose luck turned
They're hard workers who didn't get an education
They are the ones who carry our share of poverty

For how shall we sleep as their cries of anguish rent the air
How shall we laugh and ji-enjoy when they beg at our feet
Shall we stand proud while they remain on their knees?

Did He,
The Protector,
The One who loves all,
really want it to be this way
That we see and do nothing
that we turn away our faces
Wrinkle our noses
Splash them with the roadside
water as we drive by
Aren't we any more our brother's keeper
Or will we just watch that man,
that woman suffer,
Their bodies wasting away
The laughter frozen on their lips
Their children dying of disease
Tell me, my brother
How can we live with ourselves
how do we even sleep at night,
turn back to our warm beds, hold close our cushions with a sigh and go back to sleep?

PoP (c) Mar 07

This is a response to Legends In The Wind - you can find it in Symo's Shrine under poetry. Please use the link on this page under My Favourite Blogs to get to Symo's Shrine.


KIPUSA said...

This is deep. I have just added you to my list of bloggers. Keep up the good work

Lioness said...

@ KIPUSA - Thank you.