Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pray For Us...

As my heart stills
and words run dry
upon my lips.

I ask you to put your hands together
in supplication
let us stand up for each other

Pray for us all
for most watch in silence as our world crumbles
and the bombs continue to rumble.

Pray for the children
whose minds and lives are broken
by war, these cannot be mended.

Pray for the men and women
whose spirits fight for our lives each day
the Karimis, Mekatililis, the Che's.

Those out on the front line
who are not afraid to speak,
who give their time and lives fighting for our freedom.

Pray for the homeless
for luxury is the least of their worry
they have no place to raise their children, or rest their tired bodies.

Pray for those abused,
those ostracised, and stigmatized
whose lives have been used and trashed.

Pray for the underpaid
whose efforts, each day to make ends meet
are efforts dead

And the poor and sick
whose choices are nil,
if they seek treatment, they can’t afford a meal.

Please pray for us,
for courage and strength.
Pray that we may rise
in solidarity to seek
oppression’s sweet demise.

PoP (c) 1 March 07

1 comment:

akiey said...

Great & impressive that you uplift the legacies of such inspirational leaders as Mekatilili who has long been sidelined in Kenya's myopic "history" .