Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Am Woman

I stand free
Proud and tall
Don’t try to stop me
My name is

I speak my mind
I speak justice
And peace
I am entrusted with life
I am woman

My voice is heard
Ringing clear
Without a fear
As I take a stand
I am protector
I am woman

Let this bosom
Of the devastated earth
Lay her claim upon the masses
As she shouts
Freedom! Freedom!
Therein I am
My voice, strong and firm

I teach
Equality and peace
I teach
Humility and grace
I teach gentleness
For man’s soul
For I am she
Who stands firm against all odds
I am woman

PoP © Rewritten 8 March 07

1 comment:

symo said...


Hi all
My name is a man
And there is not much to say
About me.
I am a man of actions
I am a man
...I think thats all for now
...I dont talk much
...A man is by actions not words
...havent we talked about this once
...Didnt we close this up?

Wait a small while
Yea, There actually might be something
Yea football!
Yes European football
...are you saying that
There are other things beyond football?
Name them!
But I still wouldnt care
Never forget that

And when there is no football
I talk beer
yes, beer, the golden waters
That solves all problems
with the hangover problem
At least its one
and by the way
I love woman too,
See woman was created for me
He even said this when he created
So she is subjected to my whimps
Yes this is me! a man
And off course I live
For patting from a fellow man
thats what I live for
The boys,the boys,the boys
Did you get that
a man is got to have the boys
they crowd that cheers!
never mind ther is no game
And boys have to pat him
thats me! a man
....did I hear you say shallow?
what is shallow?
The boys?
The Ride?
No, you understand not
They are all I care about
They make me happy

the rest other people worry about
Forget the society and so on
Life is too short
To be spent agonizing
And weeping
and what else?
I even forgot that too!

This is me
The man next door
And is this not scarely?