Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Her Life, Her Dowry

outwitted by the devil
she scraped the last dregs of life
trying to cast away the evil
in which she had cast her die

she lay drowning in her blood
each breathe a painful clutch
to an existence gone mad
and no longer worth much

she stared at his angry face
saw his bared teeth, heard his raspy breath
disgustingly keeping pace
with the rasping pain in her chest

she watched him slip away
and wondered how she’d ever loved
this man who made her pay
with her life her dowry
abused out of love and days
she embraces the diaspora of the soul

lioness © 4 Jan 06

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friend Or Foe

At the political rally yesterday
He said my neighbours
would steal from me
and not let me prosper
He said these my Kenyans
would stab me in the back
My neighbour looked at me
And I at him,
As we burst into laughter

You see,
my neighbours
have sat with me
through nights long and lonely
Encouraged me
when hope gave way to grief
Held my hand
when the rising
sun turned cold as night
and a new day
brought no relief

They fed my children
when money was scarce
Through thick and thin
we’ve lived as one
our feeble lives held together
by sturdy bonds unknown
where buildings touch the sky

We’ve held each other
as tongues of fire
gobbled up our shanties.
We’ve re-built the structures as they fell;
All for one and one for all

We’ve cried and prayed
together, for each other,
when hungry nights seemed
like all we’d ever remember

It tickles me to hear
this highly paid politician,
say that these people,
these people who watch
my back every day
are not my friends
because their tribe
is different from mine.

Lioness (c) 17 Jan 07

Queen Or Servant

Will you bury us all
And preside over our funerals?

Can you embrace the jiggered fingers,
Where poverty still lingers?

Now that you’ve crossed the divide,
You feel you have arrived.

The drunkard you see,
Is just a poor and troubled me.

How will you be a servant,
With your conceited false bravado?

Are these your saviour’s teachings,
To which you subscribe?

How will you lead,
When you can’t practice what you preach?

Will you lead a people so dirty in your eyes
Before you remove those rose coloured glasses?

Lioness © 16 Jan 06

A response to Bishop Wanjiru’s (Starehe seat aspirant) comments on J.K. Ndimu.