Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Thatched Hut

I realized today
That there’s
Luxury in the innocence of
Not knowing, or knowing
And being able to turn away

Like a virgin deflowered
I no longer have that innocence
For I have seen up close how
Hunger snatches words from your lips
Renders you completely dumb
Relief is in the grip of sleep

Though I sometimes try to take back my innocence
I’ll never forget the poverty
That rips the clothes off your back
Poverty, this ugly disease
That says if your neighbour lacks
You’re twice worse off

I can never forget how poverty
Makes you lose your dignity
Lays you bare
Until an offer to sell your soul
For a chance to cover your nakedness
Is almost more than you can bear

That’s why I say
There’s luxury in the innocence
Of not knowing
For once I knew
I could never again turn away

PoP © 15 Mar 07

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