Thursday, March 08, 2007

When I Find You

Help me
in my search for you
Though I look in
all the wrong places
Help me find you
Though I don’t know
what to say when I do.

PoP © 6 March 07


Anonymous said...

yep! No matter how happy and content we are, we are all still looking for something.

symo said...


You are sweet
To look for me
To seek after me
Now I know you have a purpose

Find me and you will
Not once
Not twice
Not thrice
But as long as you need me by you

Find me,but be on the watch
Be honest with your soul
Listen to your spirit
And that way
When I come,you will not miss me

You are searching for me
You are already found part of me
As soon as you started
Searching for me

But,I am seized with dark longing
Why art thou searching for me?
Why art thou searching for me?
I am many things
And you will want to see
My different faces at different Seasons
This is my longing
Will you wait for me
To show you all things
In full beauty
Just like you imagined
When you were young.
Will you wait when I give you
The least in your consideration
Will you wait for me to make
All things beautiful
This is your call
Pick it in your way

And when you find me
You will not have to say a thing
For your dont have to say a thing
For Then you will be mine.

Shell said...

absolutely gorgeous , the initial poem that makes its plea for union and the response ... this speaks in the spirit of creation, land and heart ... globally

writerwoman said...

This one speaks right to my heart.