Monday, August 18, 2008


I wish you could hear my heart speak
It would tell you how it feels
How it tries to still
The never ending fears
Born of years of trials and strife
Just to live another day

It would tell you how clearly it hears
The silent voice of your aching heart
And how it wants to place its hand in yours
and say "it will be well, it will be well"
How though its love may dip and spike
It's always tenderly present
It is always there

PoP 18 August 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Woman On The Brink

If I could be everything you want
Give you all you need
Deliver your fantasies
Give in to your every whim

If I was perfect in every way
Coiffered and regally threaded
Measured in my walk and talk
Ideal in strength, true in depth.

If I could be all these and more
How would you appreciate
The difference in woman and man
Or learn what true love is
Would you see the gift of me
In the shadow of your mirage

Would you not know yourself
Your effect on me
Would you not see yourself
In my pleasure
And sometimes in my pain