Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's Take Back Our Nights!

Wake up, People!
Let us reclaim our nights,
and repossess our freedom.
Let us take back our God-given right.
Let us recover our town,
and regain our lives.

In our houses barricaded,
Behind deadbolts, keys, a siren, an alarm, thick metal bars
and a wildly beating heart, ‘burglar-proofed’.
While the murderers and thieves cavort freely in the night
we’re locked up in self-made jails!

Our fear holds the gun
our hesitation pulls the trigger
and releases the bullet that maims or kills
our brother or sister.
Let us stop the fear!
Let us take a stand,
and fight to reclaim our land!

PoP (c)12 Dec 05

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we should copy this one out and post it in every billboard in the city, making sure also, that all policemen have a copy stapled on the back of their jackets!