Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long Live, Karimi

Your spirit lives,
your dreams each day revived
by the anger in our hearts.
The fight continues still;
that will never die,
It will never die.

When they came for you,
you stood proud and unshaken.
With each lash of the whip,
with your blood they were tainted
as you sang the songs,
those songs of liberty
‘Better to die on my feet
than to live on my knees’,
you sang and chanted.
And when they imprisoned you
your dream remained strong
your fight staunch, your purpose unabated.

When they killed you,
they couldn’t have known
that you were already dead to selfish power,
greed and injustice; pain was an old friend
and suffering was nothing new
to free the people, and bring closer
They would torture you as you sang,
songs of justice,
songs of peace,
songs of courage.
and from your body flowed tears of blood.

Your voice is clear as day,
our spirits it restores
as we hear you sing the same songs
of justice,
of freedom,
of peace;
and your voice strengthens our vision.

Until we subdue the masters of oppression,
and our mission comes to fruition,
your voice will sing out clear
across the cities, on the hills and plains;
and the struggle will continue.
The struggle will continue!

In honour of a fallen hero, Karimi Nduthu

Lioness © 25 Mar 06