Thursday, March 08, 2007


She stood where others didn’t dare
Hoisted upon a three-legged stool
Head above the crowd, speaking
To women and men,
Speaking about taking back their land
Protecting their kaya*
Speaking about a revolution

Agitating for truth,
For ownership and justice, for freedom
She spoke, reminding them
Of their rights
Telling them to fight
To hold on, to what was theirs

She walked through fire
Cast aside the cloak of fear
She broke the chains of slavery
And stood resolute
Even when they arrested her

I see her braving the elements
Walking in dangerous territory
Breaking the bars of prison
To bring her people to freedom
I see her in every women
Who embraces the revolution

*Kaya are sacred forest shrines and traditional places of worship

PoP (c)6 March 07

1 comment:

rebecca said...

nice provocative ending, cheers fro reminding us of our roots, of keeping the rage of colonialism burning, maybe with this passion inspired by the likes of you we can achieve something.