Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Will Not Die Like Dogs

We will not die like dogs!
We won’t wait to be crushed, hunted, torn
In a fiery home that’s cold as stone,
We won’t stay silent, powerless, and impotent.

In morning’s dawn turned darkest night
when friend and foe alike take flight,
take food from the mouth of a babe who knows naught.
We will not lizard-like lie
watching, waiting, wondering who
will lead us on this journey home.

We vow to peel that darkness back,
to wrench the light away from it.
We swear we won’t accept the task
that lazes, watches, muses, slacks,
then faces sleepless, cold, hungry nights
in stuffy, musty, murky little spaces.
Because we’re too afraid to seek our rights.

We Refuse!
Refuse, to die like dogs!!
We will die fighting, go in war,
We’ll accomplish all we stand for,
No more will we watch hungry men fall,
Put a noose around their necks,
We’ll cry, try, and die for change.

We will!
We’ll break the chain,
That binds the neck of an innocent child,
We will cry tears of blood, on our knees we will still walk,
We will not hear the guns; our heads we will refuse to turn,
Our feet will not run,
We will die for our land,
We will not die like dogs.

PoP (c) Oct 05

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symo said...

Yeah,We Will Not Die Like Dogs

As I read this poem
A friend from my nightmares showed face
A voice of treason whispered to me
From its shadows within me
The voice of treason that haunts me
Killing the least of a spirit in me

And the Voice of Treason said to me
How can we fail to die like dogs?
Look at our elected waheshimiwa
Tearing away the last of the shreds
Of our tatters that call dress!
Look,Look at HIS Excellecy
Addressing us as Wapumbavu
The Excellent one says such things
and others I will not say today
Look His Excellecny tells to us everyday
The good tidings his Government has brought to us
The Excellent one will not talk about the Homeless
The Kid who walk around with
Tiny bottles of death on their lips
The Disabled hawkers will have to do with other areas
Not the city centre
Hiyo in yawaliotosheka
Wanao lipa ushuru

How can we not die like dogs
When our men lust even after they in diapers
Really, how can our fate be apart from that of dogs?
Look, not even grandmothers are safe from their appetites
Look, Men are not spared either
This unease in mens loins
will make us go the way dogs go.

Look,now the young girls have been found with child
Times have been hard on them
That way,babies have been lifted Out of pits,forests,dump sites
The list is without end
The young girls will not still in the mothers Bomas
And the vagabonds enticed them
Into misery while still babes
And now even the Bishops tells it to our faces
We are Hopeless jigger infested dogs
Who deserve the guillotine
The guillotine the rich of our land
Force upon the weak, the helpless
every minite of their existence

Damn the voice of Treason
I had to do something fast
I cursed the Voice of Treason
Rebuked the Voice of Treason
Sang We will not die like dogs! to the voice of treason
Told the Voice of treason
The sleeping giant will awake
Yes the Sleeping giant will arise
From his eternal slumber
And He and His own will see better days
Better days, even if we will pay
with every drop of blood on our veins
our children will see better Days
And the Voice of treason was vanquished.
This the duty of Every Man an Woman
To vanquish the voice of treason.
To dare to dream.
To dare to Hope
To hold fast on this
Then the land will heal.Someday