Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thirty Pieces of Silver

In the last election,
I sold my vote
For two hundred shillings
And bought one kilo each
Of flour and meat,
And a pair of earrings for my wife
I still had a little
Left over for a workers lunch
Of maize and beans.

I did not see the hidden tag
That said
Votes once sold shall
Not be returned

When I spoke
And no one listened
I knew that I had sold
more than just my vote
I had sold my voice
I had sold my right
To speak and be heard
The buyer of my vote
Spoke but had turned stone deaf

I sold my right to freedom
To education for my children
And a better tomorrow
It was a sad day
When I realized
I had made my contribution
To corruption

PoP (c)19 Oct 06

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