Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In The Name Of Womanhood

As a woman
I make a solemn plea
That woman will rise up
And be heard

To you, fellow woman
Arise, you who have hearts
Arise and let us prepare
For baptism
Whether it be
By water or fire
We will remain
Quiet no longer

Arise, my sister
For we will no longer
Watch our own
Come to us
Reeking of carnage
With blood on their hands
Seeking comfort or applause

Arise, my friend
For we will not let
Our children die
As our men look stoic
While vengeance boils
In their hearts.

We will re-introduce
Dialogue as a way for
Lasting peace
We will not
Let fear be instilled in us
We will not
Let bloodshed of the innocents
Be used to wipe
Out dishonour
Nor will we stand
Aside and watch
Violence used to indicate possession.

Let all women
Irrespective of colour
Creed or nationality
Come together
And take counsel
With each other
In the name of womanhood
Let us come together
To promote world peace

PoP (c) 10 Oct 06

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