Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Found Your Letter

Yesterday I found your letter
written with such love,
when life was happier.
Together we had a home
and dreamed of seeing
our children’s children.
When I truly believed in
together forever being

Your sweet words
sounded so true then,
before life’s struggles and pains
reared his ugly head,
leaving you feeling threatened
and rendering our love dead

I sat bereft wondering
how hard you tried
and succeeded, in keeping
the monkey on your back hidden.
Or was I just that much blinded?

I read your letter
with great compassion.
Never had I felt this before
when love made my heart patter
Blinded was I to all notions
of worse, my hope was for better.

With every tear that fell
as I read each word of love,
I expunged all the anger I held.
I forgave all the bad times,
erased all the lies you’d tell.
I forgave the scars,
the telltale signs
of the violent life
I once shared with you.

PoP (c) 9 Mar 06

1 comment:

Prettylyf said...

Brilliant, brilliant piece! Only I wrote the letter. I used to sing the song in my head during a walk and say I wrote the letter on the way I lost, someone else musta picked up and put it in their pocket. Oh well...