Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In My Quest For Justice

I watch your face crease
and listen as you speak
of poverty, hardship and corruption
of a voiceless people in the midst of subjection

I take note as you teach
the politics behind politicking,
power and its intricacies,
division in the classes,
and the people’s struggles.

I see your face alight
with love for the people
for whom you fight,
and that victorious smile
brightens your sad eyes.

I’ve felt that contagious passion
and watched as your hopes sometimes dip low.
I’ve seen you burn with anger
at injustice and corruption
I’ve heard your hearty laughter
when with great conviction
you speak of a revolution so near

I’ve grown to share in the struggle
and look forward to the ending
of bondage, exploitation and class division.
I look forward to the day
when justice will be saluted.

Learning at the feet of a great revolutionary
PoP (c) 12 Feb 06

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