Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Freedom Was Never Free

At first we thought
It was the colour
Of our skin
We were sold
And bought
Our freedom was
Signed and sealed in
Now we’ve been
Sold by our own

We were hated
Beaten, spat on
Stepped on
By those
Whose colour,
Traditions, and cause
Was different.
We’re stepped on
By those we thought
Our own
Those we put
In power
The ones who
Lie for our votes
The ones who
Will not hesitate to
Tighten the noose
Of poverty and disease

We fought
For our freedom,
Our traditions,
Our land
We will fight
Again and again
Our forefathers’
Blood will not
Have been shed
In vain

Our freedom
Was never free
This blood
That runs in our veins
Quenched the thirst
Of the unjust
We will fight on
Because our freedom
Is our cause
Our freedom is worth
A lot more than the tears
and sweat
and blood

We will not
Stand aside
And watch as they
toy with the rights
of the people
Our freedom cannot
Will not be weighed in silver
Or gold
Our freedom was never free

PoP (c) 12 Oct 06


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I like this one. It hits the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I like the way this one hits the nail on the head.