Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let Me Be

I’m sad
Not a tad
But full fledged,
Joy absorbing sad
With a tear filled heart
Trudging through sludge

All of me hurts
From my feet to my hands
My heart has burst
Spewed out all joy
And left room for a sad
I can’t turn out

This sad has filled all crevices
It’s in my veins
Has crept deep into my brain
It’s snatched away sleep
Where I thought I’d lay
My worn-out head

PoP© 23 Feb 07

1 comment:

symo said...

I Will Let You Be

Upon your plea
I will Let YOU BE
But,I will make my care known
To you.
Then you will BE what you will

Why art thou be smitten with such saddness?
The sun shines each a new morning
Lillies bloom at its shine
You too can be like they

Refuse to hurt
Yea,be stubborn to that pain
There is an antinode to every trial Seek it without tiring
Let not sadness abide with you
Sleepless nights will wear out
The beautiful one in you
This I plea to you humbly

Seek fellow travellers in this journey
Give your ear to their tales
Live with them
Appreciate their triumphs
Look at their cares
See its not only you they press
Then,Your spirit will not wear
Appreciate the bravely in them
Your head will not be in ache
For you will see
Their resolve,the steel in them

I plea to you
Not to tuck away this know
Happiness is a gift
From yourself to you
And none can bring it to you
Other than you