Monday, January 14, 2008

A Song Of Hope

It's in our hands that freedom,
hope and justice lie.
It's in our hearts, the bond
that's united us all our lives.
It's Kenyan blood that dearly paid
for unity, peace, and liberty.
We won't let greed control
justice and freedom,
We will not accept to live in fear.
We will not let the power hungry dogs
feed on the cord that binds.
We will not let them spit
in the blood we shed.
We won't let gluttony
split the nationalities
pitting brother against brother.

Kenya will be Kenya again
Her grass will not stain
with her own blood
Peace will reign again
Kenya will stand united
Kenya will stand strong
proud and tall again

PoP 14 Jan 08

1 comment:

Mzalendo said...

This defiant hope is what is needed to see us through this darkest period of our nation's history.