Friday, January 18, 2008

A Response To E...

This is an email response to a friend...

We are well. Just watching the situation as it deteriorates.

I respect your opinion but beg to differ with you in saying that Raila will bring in a free port like Dubai, build Kisumu, etc. If Raila is meant to be the president of Kenya, it gives me no joy him building Kisumu if he doesn't build Nyeri, Narok, Embu, Meru, Kitui, North Eastern, Coast, and all the towns, cities and villages in Kenya because then, what will the difference be between him and the other dictators? Maybe he will bring small change, just like Kibaki did, but in my view he is NOT the rainmaker. As long as this class continues to rule, the masses remain in deep shit. With the Railas, Rutos, Kibakis, Kenyattas, Mois in power, Kenya has not yet attained true democracy.

I can hear the unsaid words in your email that it is 'our' turn. Remember that for 24 years in was the 'turn' of the church torching Kales, and for a number of years before that the 'turn' of the Kikuyus, as has been their turn again for the last 5 years - if you have any friends from this communities, please tell me how those 'turns' have benefited them. Get your head out of the sand because unless you're Raila's close relative, you will continue to suffer like the multitudes of Kales and Kikuyus who voted along tribal lines.

I agree with you that it is not justified for Kibaki to be in leadership. My personal view is that whether he stole or won fair and square, it is just another indication of his greed that he should put Kenya through this turmoil. If he won, he must not be afraid of a repeat of the elections. This is no time to put his personal pride before the country - no one really cares about his pride. I don't agree with you on the wanton killings and 'peaceful' demonstrations. I know there are better ways to demostrate than to throw stones, burn businesses, houses and churches, displace people and cause general unrest. Through this demonstrations, one can tell how disorganized Raila's party is - are they going to rule the country in this manner? Scary!! If his party is what he promises, the blood of one Kenyan would be too precious; why does he then complain about shootings in Kisumu but not the hundreds that have been killed in Kericho, Eldoret, Kitale, Kibera, Mathare etc by panga welding, torch carrying cold blooded Luos and Kales - my conclusion, he doesn't give a flying f.... About Atieno or Wanjiku. I agree with his wanting justice served, but don't see myself walking in his gang because I think all he cares about is being president...please re-read para 1. The demonstrations, if better organized would yield better results. You say the politicians risk their lives for the majority - really? I didn't see Raila risking his life as he whizzed off in his bullet-proof air condition Landrover Discovery, escaping from the teargas and gunshots on Kenyatta Avenue yesterday or Kibaki coming out to calm the people and talk to his opponent to spare us more bloodshed. Be realistic, girl.

I assure you that you can support it now that you still have a job and a warm bed to sleep in. You will feel a lot different when you are homeless and living in fear at Burbuburu police station grounds. When you no longer have access to the few thousands that constitute your life savings, or when you can't find your kids, and your husband is lying on the grass dying of burn or gunshot wounds, or when the few precious things (certificates, clothes, etc) that you managed to salvage from your burning house are being rained on and turned to mushy unusable goo; or your close 'other tribe' friends will not give you even a sip of water for fear of their own lives. I assure you that then, you will not be quite as vehement about your support for Raila, or Kibaki. Your struggle will turn to a struggle of personal survival. Your support of Raila will turn into a horrid hate of anything politics as the majority know it - you will only be interested in finding your kids, burying your now dead husband, getting a warm place to sleep and a hot bowl of uji. Talk to a few displaced people, you will find that this is true.

Kenyans could find a way to boycott the 'opposition' rallies, shun tribal hate messages, and boycott the government initiatives until the two can meet and come to a stalemate. We should not allow the publicity they are getting because they relish it and fuel fires through it. Martha Karua and Michuki talk as if they live in another country (when the shit hits the fan they will go there and you will be left here still supporting Raila or Kibaki, by the way) and Raila uses every incident to fuel fires! We should boycott all things that give them this opportunity. Having been in several violent situations myself, I've always believed that there are ways to solve differences without violence.

Raila had so many people's support, not necessarily because he is such a wonderful and great leader, but because Kenyans were fed up of the Kibaki regime's turncoat tendencies, corruption, injustices to the people, and lies. Right now, I'm not sure I'd vote either Raila or Kibaki, with all that blood on their hands. They have the power to stop this before it gives birth to an even bigger monster. I assure you that when you are displaced and trapped in a country you no longer recognize as your own, all you will want is peace. Lies, stealing of elections, etc will soon NOT be people's immediate struggle. Letting it get this far only changes focus and priorities for the people. The violent rallies/demos are counter-productive; only bringing on more hatred for the ruling class and, unfortunately for Kenyans, further fuelling tribal differences. The government's failure to reel it in through agreeing to international mediation NOW will surely make it bloodier than a slaughterhouse - then we will probably all be dead and according to your email and undying support for Raila, justice will have been served.

There can be no meaningful dialogue, peace and justice without an end, first and foremost, to violence and bloodletting.


MainaT said...

Excellent post. Its a pity nobody not even the newspapers or the raiod are spreading this message.
The nobody everybody is looting, burning, get shot will not boycott the ksh850k that will their account next week.

gal africana said...

Nice post. I'm hoping more and more kenyans are coming to the realisation that neither MK or RO have done good by kenyans...I dont know what that means in the event of a re-election but hopefully that realisation will unite kenyans despite of tribal affiliations.

Anonymous said...

I really pray that people will start thinking in this lines it doesnt matter what tribe they are from...thank you this was so refreshing...