Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Tears crawled down her proud cheeks
Soot stuck in her once pretty hair
No one noticed her weep
Footsteps whizzed by,
bullets puncture her side.
Angry fires burnt bright,
Elegant shops now were a sight,
people screamed in fright
Everyone fast on their heels
No one noticed her as she wept
No one stopped to hear speak
No one heard her say,
calm down,
Let justice and peace prevail
Calm down
No one heard Kenya speak

PoP 1 Jan 08


Stephen Bess said...

God's blessings and peace for Kenya in the New Year. Your poetry is beautiful. Thank you.

Lioness said...

God hears your prayers. Our country is slowly returning to normal.
Thank you Stephen for your comment, and your prayer.