Friday, January 18, 2008

Picture Of Trepidation

I cried this morning
Not that it is something I haven’t done before
In the cloud of fear that is burning up our hopes
Or that I haven’t walked around sad-faced
Solemnly wondering where our cards will fall

I cried, as every woman (and man) probably did
Watching that terrified woman wail on TV last night
Watching her hug the unfeeling lamp post
As she screamed for the country she once knew

I cried this morning
Looking at pictures of terrified Kenyan children
Open mouthed and horrified at the men with guns
Their innocence shattered as they
Watch their fathers burn their country
I wondered, how do they feel
Seeing everything disintegrating

I cried when I saw the picture of that man
In a red T-shirt carrying a tiny infant
On the crook of his shoulder
Walking beside an army truck

PoP 18 Jan 2008

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