Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wherever You May Be, Daddy

(Fathers' Day Poem)

I’m still waiting
For you to come home

Waiting with bated breath
And sleepless eyes
For the key to turn in the door
To hear that deep baritone voice
Call my name

And when you come
I will forget
All the birthdays never celebrated
The school visits you never made
The laughter that lingers on the horizon
Never tickled from its cocoon
Tears that still trickle in the night
Purging a little girl’s heart

For though I’ve learnt how to live
And found the courage to love
I still need you to come home

PoP © 18 June 07


mzalendo said...


Always close to you,
apple of my eye,
closer than I could ever be.
However much you missed me,
tis I who missed you more!
Makes me glad to see you being
all you and I wish I had been
Through you I am redeemed
God bless you,
apple of my eye.

(c) Mzalendo
June 20, 2007

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

and the home coming
will surpass all the birthdays
the gradution
all you have missed
becuase of you
just being here
makes up
all the time lost

June 22,2007

modo unpoetic said...

YEP! nysssss! i wwon't aattempt like my 'learned' friends above to write an extention to your poem coz...let me just leave the skills to the skilled.