Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life Off-Kilter

Wandering through the streets
With a faraway look in her eyes
Blinded to the beggar’s outstretched palms
The bubbling scent of life
And motorists relentlessly hooting

There’s determination in her step
Though she has no voice
In the cacophony of life
In the deep stillness
There is no hope of consolation

Look close
And you’ll see
The healing scars lining her wrists
Anger set in her pointed chin
You’ll see
The storm collecting in her dark eyes
Fighting hate with an ice-cold heart

Move closer
And you’ll feel
The rush in the air
As the wind blows wild
Leaving everything askew
PoP © 20 June 07


hakeem said...

You capture the ups and downs, laughter and tears of life so well. I look forward to your new postings every day.

modo poetic (?) said...

Brilliant. do you have a book out perhaps? these is great. like hakeem a 'T'