Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Her baby is
Her two door pink Mercedes
She owns a brand new Toyota Prado
She only uses to shop
And a Humvee for upcountry drives

She owns four mansions
And two blocks of flats
On the good side of town
Collecting more in rents than she can count
She’s lost track of how much spending money
Is tucked in the dresser drawers by her bed

She owns more clothes than she’ll ever wear
Golden trinkets carelessly flung all over the place
She’s been to the world’s top destinations
Been wined and dined by important people in many nations

In her youth she played hard
Selling her assets to buy her money
By hook or crook the money flowed
As she played ploy after ploy
Begged, borrowed and stole
Money was all that mattered

Now she’s fifty
She has all she’ll ever need
The money game is like a meal
That lost it’s spice
Once, twice bitten,
The men are nowhere to be seen
Sobs echo in her empty house
As she cries herself to sleep
In her search for money
She lost her name, her friends, herself

PoP © 14 June 07


mzalendo said...

Captures accurately the materialist woman all too familiar in our social scene today, who sells her very soul for the dollar! The curtain falls quicker than she has the time to enjoy her wealth; it falls on her as she desperately seeks for what she had squandered in her mad pursuit for money! Thanks for capturing this phenomenon so accurately.

sayyeda said...

You've captured this really well.

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

that is true totally agree with mzalendo