Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hungry Man

The hungry man walked
Head bowed down the meandering street
He absent-mindedly scratched his craggy beard
His sleep-deprived eyes searched for the unseen

The hungry man was once moneyed
Big cars filled his driveway
A bevy of lithe young ladies graced his bed
Wine and women would end each day
His money was his to use any which way

The hungry man was once married
He left his wife mostly alone
Lonely nights were the order of her life
He didn’t take time to see his child
She was more a maid than a wife
Too busy was he being playboy

Now he wanders the streets alone
Recalls words from a long lost friend
‘Blessings come in big, he said
But when we misuse this precious gift
It’s taken and given to someone deserving

The hungry man smiled
And absentmindedly turned the corner

PoP © 7 June 2007

1 comment:

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

im addicted to your poems girl kwanza this one for hungry man is a real story yeah i still have a verse

Remebering the days
when he felt the king
the pimp
the man who has it all