Thursday, May 03, 2007

When The River Runs Dry

I will not mourn
From sunset to dawn
When I feel all alone
I will not curse or pull out my hair
Even when my heart says, dare
Nor will I break
In this tormenting heartache

I will remember
Unspoken promises of forever
My desire to hold you nigh
I will remember
On love’s natural high
The fire that once lit your eyes

I’ll remember
Your golden laughter
And the sweetness of yesteryear
I won’t fear the emptiness
Of sunset’s dark embrace

I’ll think of your breath
Upon my cheeks,
Your hand upon my head
Your mouth sipping from my lips
Your arms slung over my shoulder
Friends forever
Not thinking
That forever will be soon gone
I’ll not cry
When the river of love
Runs dry

PoP © 18 May 06

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