Friday, May 04, 2007

I Won’t Forgive You, Mama

Will I ever forgive you, Mama
For letting Daddy touch me like he did
Will I forgive the pain I felt
At his hands
Will I forgive the look I caught
On your face
The stolen glances
You gave

Will I forget the sounds that haunt me
In the still of the night
Those sounds that pass through fingers
Pressed tight against my ears
Those sounds that know no boundaries
Shamelessly cross the cloth partition
Of our one roomed house
The same sounds he made when
He hurt me so badly

Will I forgive you, Mama
For living with him
And sharing his name
Subjecting me to the same
Nightmare over and over again
One day, I may forgive you, Mama
But I will never forget

PoP © 3 May 07.

1 comment:

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

im so hooked to your blog. This sounds very familiar.someone close i know went through the same fate and till this day she's still trying to understand the reason why.