Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Seeds Of Revolution

first you insulted the trust we placed in you
by giving yourselves big salaries and fancy cars
all done at the taxpayer’s expense
sly and subtle, you set the trend,
for the plunder you intended

since then you have tried to shut our eyes
by causing confusion and tribal hatred
you’ve shoved down our throats lies
while behind our backs corruption continues unabated.

the fruits you promised have not grown
the seeds have not even been sown
the deadlines you gave have come and gone
and the country drowns in tears of regret

there are men and women disgusted at your greed,
visionaries who will raise their fists and sing songs of revolution
revolutionaries who will fight to the sweet end
of your gluttony and corruption
selfless people who will give their all to save our country.

PoP 16 Jan 06

Inspired by Fr. Dolan’s article – ‘Kenya Needs a Revolution 11 Jan 06’

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