Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kenya - Sinking In The Quicksand Of Corruption

Kenyans are being strangled by their own. It may be a quick death if they don't embrace the paradigm shift that has been begging for attention for the last 30 years.

On the political front corruption to the highest extents continues unabated despite promises by the Kibaki administration for 'zero tolerance'. The zeros appear to be numerous in the amounts of money they are fleecing from the government and the people of Kenya. The Daily Nation on Sunday surprised many by highlighting the extent of corruption in the country and exposing in detail dirty deals made between government officials and fictitious companies.

As part of the middle class or as my friend calls us, the petty bourgoisie, I read the papers with trepidation and had to take constant breaks to recover my breath. The blatant nature of thievery leaves me aghast! It is amazing that after the looting and raping of Kenyan resources for almost 30 years by the previous regime, a government that Kenyan people put so much faith in so openly disregards their trust and immediately commences enriching themselves.

What is further surprising is the fact that the Head of Government maintains sealed lips when it comes to matters of grand theft/corruption. He does not say a word when all these scandals are going on or even when they are revealed! The ministers involved in these scandals are defended - some even by the Vice President and it's business as usual! It goes without saying then, how deeply entrenched the cream of government is in this business. The hope of Kenyans lie in each individual who feels angry at the looting and stealing, definitely not in the current government.

At a time when millions of Kenyans are dying of hunger, Kenyan ministers continue to whiz around in fancy cars and helicopters funded by the taxpayer. I am in shock at their lack of shame, and the thoughtlessness for the people they agreed to represent.

It saddens me terribly to see the state of affairs in Kenya go from bad to worse with a new government in place. It is sad that the government allows even one person to die of hunger or lack of medication. It is horrendous that millions are dying of hunger at a time when scandal after scandal is being revealed by the local dailies alongside pictures of emaciated children, men and women.

Poetess of the People


The business of corruption
is thriving; a little here,
a little there, no discrimination.
They don’t care from where
the money comes, only it’s destination.

They close their eyes to
the people dying of hunger
and disregard their contract to be spokesman;
as long as their pockets are full it doesn’t matter.

Exquisite suits and expensive cars line
up, the ministers are meeting;
first thing on the agenda is their riches and lives
not how the people are living.

The so-called people’s representatives
offering second hand
everything from clothing to education
are in business as usual.

PoP© 21 Jan 2006

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