Monday, January 30, 2006

The Gates Of Justice

The expectation of a great awakening,
keeps our strides long and strong.
Visions of a historical beginning,
brings to our hearts a sweet song.

Though imprisoned, tortured and muzzled,
through the muzzles we continue to sing.
Though locked up and manhandled,
our spirits are strong, our gait is proud.

The hope of a free and just realm
calms our hearts so often troubled.
And we continue to work and dream
of a society, strong and enabled.

Though we wade through despair and desolation,
eating through our fabric at every turn.
Through the mess and lack of education,
our fight to free the people remains steadfast

True democracy, lost to gluttonous politicians.
With a handshake they handed over
the rights of men, women and children,
sold without foresight or hesitation.

We continue in the struggle,
even when we feel weak
and our work seems so slow.
We strive and continually seek
to pry open the gates
through which justice will pass.

PoP © Jan 03 2006

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