Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Walk in These Shoes

It could be you
butt-naked and bleeding
on a busy Nairobi Street
mob-justiced by a hungry crowd
cries of innocence drowned
by their anger and desperation

It could be you
sitting in the rain
by the roadside
Your last bath a memory five
weeks away
Listening with a lost look
for the thud of a coin
in your dented tin

It could be you
enveloped in a tattered blanket
Your face resting
upon a thin folded arm
Sharing a hospital bed with a TB patient
Eating more germs than drugs

It could be you
trudging along
in your last good pair of shoes
degree cowering in the tattered A4 envelope
desperation slowly sinking in

PoP 19 Sep. 07


Mzalendo said...

Once again you speak for those crushed by the inhumanity regigning in our hearts and country. Your powerful reminders elicit in me not mere sympathy but a rage that urges me to shout:OUT WITH THE UNCARING RULERS! REVOLUTION NOW!

kipusa said...

i concur with you mzalendo