Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I heard
Know, my child
That I Am.
I Am in the rain that feeds
The earth
I Am in the clouds
Look deep
You’ll see

Again, I heard
I Am
I Am in the sunshine
All yellow and nice
In the scent
Of the flower
In the clear eyes of a child
In the breath of a sleeping loved one

I Am
In the voice that says yes
When you should
In the taste of your favourite food
In the space of your best room
I Am
In your laughter
And moments of joy

I heard
I Am
Weep not, my child
Fear not
I Am right here beside you
As you pray

PoP © 25 Sep 07

1 comment:

modo he is said...

indeed you are!

i'll continue to say many thanks for the great poems...