Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Her Life, Her Dowry

outwitted by the devil
she scraped the last dregs of life
trying to cast away the evil
in which she had cast her die

she lay drowning in her blood
each breathe a painful clutch
to an existence gone mad
and no longer worth much

she stared at his angry face
saw his bared teeth, heard his raspy breath
disgustingly keeping pace
with the rasping pain in her chest

she watched him slip away
and wondered how she’d ever loved
this man who made her pay
with her life her dowry
abused out of love and days
she embraces the diaspora of the soul

lioness © 4 Jan 06

1 comment:

gishungwa said...

First, WOW! You are truly talented and are gifted with words. I love the way you express yourself and yes i will be back more oft.
Wow again