Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kenya Will Stand United

caught with your pants down
and now fighting
in the cities and towns
the reign of terror is back

evil never wins
only angers the masses
who will make you account for your deeds
in an uprising by oppressed classes

they say the guilty are afraid
this fact stares us in the face
and we reject all you ever said
recognize them as lies meant to set a base
for massive plans of corruption

yes, go ahead,
put hoods on your heads,
like common thieves, hide your faces;
burn, loot and destroy,
whip and kick those who dare stand for truth

we may forget,
the intensity may subside
but your actions will never be erased
Kenyans will stand united

we are drained
from watching in silence as our country’s raped
we will no longer look aside
we will take action
to make this madness subside

for our children’s sake
the media will be free, democracy will reign
history will remind us, will be embraced,
will triumph even when our memories fail
evil will never prevail

we’ve seen you lose your virtue
and watched greed corrupt you
so as is done with vermin
we are shutting down all escape routes

your actions may silence a few
but the majority will rise
and start the fight anew
then you will listen to our voice
Kenya will stand united!

Kenya will stand united!

PoP 2 Mar 06

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