Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

The burden of silence
is a load better not borne.
It is a failing of mankind
in the chain of cause
and effect.

For when the tide turns,
and choices are a thing
of the past;
when freedom’s the only thing left to give,
we will not have the chance
to speak.

There will be no place to hide
as the tentacles reach for gold.
There will be no freedom in
Or liberation in
no complacence in
or democracy in
there will be no trade in China
or Japan.

The anger of the masses will
be tossed this way
and that.
Turmoil will become a bosom
And grief,
a parasite.

Blood will flow
where children once played.
The gentle coo of doves,
replaced by
angry shrieks from bomber planes.
The deadly birds will
shed their lethal loads,
and the resultant craters
will be the only sanctuary.

PoP 6 Aug 06

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