Friday, February 24, 2006


After hours in deep silence and thought,
the old sage turned and said these words,
give this message to the Late Canon’s son.

At his age and with his experience
he should hide his face in his palms

He should do this with disgrace
stop all the righteous displays
of needless and noisy petulance

Though he says he was mislead,
we know gluttony was the honey
that goaded him to political death.

He should freely lie in the bed he made
when he filled his pockets with tainted money.

Now that the people know,
and their anger grows
his name in the rubbish heap goes.

Tell ‘uncle’ to bow his head in retribution and shame,
attempt to rescue his dishonored name,
from this nightmare he thought a game.

Tell the old man to put his hands in the fire
irrespective of the heat,
retrieve his words and pride.

Tell him to stop the disharmony he’s creating,
the masses he’s angering
with his indignant ire.

Tell the Canon’s son he’s fully utilized,
and gone full circle
with the proverbial forty days.

Now it’s time to stand like a man
carry his cross,
face the consequences of his ways.

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