Thursday, February 09, 2006

Corruption Undressed

in the service of the people
an honest heart once was
hurt to see your own marginalized
conditions going from bad to worse

power placed in your hands
to submit the people’s decisions
and the community’s needs
you seemed like their ultimate salvation

your colleagues were hungry
ready to consume the people’s money
pockets overflowing, hands full,
they took all they could

love for your people wavered
money blinded you to their needs
clean hands joined to dirty
hearts beating to the drums of corruption

when friends became foes
you built even higher walls
and bought guns and bulletproof cars
to defend your greed

your guilt needed protection
from the people you were once a part of
a people you lied to
a country you ripped off

now stripped of dignity and pride
your only option is to hide
among friends in the distrusting class
you greed has caused your nakedness.

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