Friday, October 05, 2007

Underneath the Sombre Expression

A scenario is given about a couple in their family car on their way to work. The man is concentrating on the road ahead, listening to the radio and making the occasional comment. The woman is serious and quiet, either staring straight ahead or browsing the newspaper. Her comments are few or even non-existent. Her expression seems almost hostile and unfriendly. This poem is for her.

Maybe it’s the early mornings
or late nights.

Or the mad rush to conclude
unfinished chores.

Maybe it’s the children
constantly demanding her attention.

Or the weight of responsibilities;
mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife.

Maybe it’s the dates she has to remember
doctor’s appointments, school visits, family weddings, the work calendar.

Or that she’s expected to smile
even when she’s sick or sad or tired.

Maybe she just needs some time
to catch her breath.

Or a precious moment
to put up her feet

Maybe it’s the thought
of attending yet another meeting, class or funeral.

Or the belief that she’s tireless
and can take anything that’s thrown at her regardless.

So she lives her life in constant fear
heart thudding in trepidation
on her face a hung-dog expression
or a permanent look of anticipation,
hoping someone will take the time to pay her a little attention.

PoP 5 Oct 07


Anna said...

Hey I LIKE this. Maybe cuz I can really really relate to it. Describes my life, a bit, lately. Thank you.

modo poetic injusticed said...

you know, one of my unspoken dream is to write poetry as great and as insightful and as inspiring as yours...

i'm always left awe-struck every time i read your poems

again i ask, you have a book of poems out there?

Brian said...

this is great. The beginning and middle of this are especially strong. It kinda goes on and on, like oh my gosh! which is the point in some sense, so it works.

I wonder if because of this, that the reader might not need the last stanza.

Lioness said...

Modo poetic: Thank you for your wonderful comments. Bado, I haven't published yet but will in the near future.

Reading the poem through another reader's eyes, I find that indeed I agree with you about the last stanza. Thank you for your comment.

Antoine said...

I don't want to sound rhetoric but the poem has voiced the silent worries never told before. What a wonderful poem!