Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cat And Mouse

He works the night shift,
so during the day he sleeps
until the early afternoon
when the children come home from school.

There’s darkness in his roving eyes,
quietly shifting from the back of the woman
bent over the communal tap,
to the little girl with the school bag on her back.

‘Sarah, he calls,
Please get me some milk down at Manu’s kiosk,
and buy yourself a sweet while you’re at it.’

He opens the door to his one roomed house
as the little girl returns
The bread is disfigured in her small hands
as he slams home the lock behind her.
His hands run hungrily down the length of her torso.
The cat and mouse game begins
It’s a daily ordeal, between the two.

PoP © July 09 2007


K.I.P.U.S.A said...

such people should be banned

Mzalendo said...

Blame the rotten ruling neo-colonial system that has dehumanised impoverished Kenyans,not sparing even infants - girls as well as boys - from rape and its other evil effects. We can only defeat these vices by uprooting neo-colonialism branch and root!